CxOnsulting has a strong experience and offers a wide range of management consulting and expert services related to energy and industrial services in the B2B context.

Our goal is always to ensure the customer's success. We work together with the customer's business management in various development projects, such as in strategic issues and operational efficiency. We also aid on practical projects such as the definitions of technical solutions and services; their design, purchasing and day to day management.

Our services are scalable from small practical daily needs broad entities, corporate and business level. We have a network of experts available arranged per each customer need.

Finland, as part of the Nordic energy market, is and has been a pioneer of open energy markets, related competitive industrial service businesses and technological solutions. Our comprehensive know-how has been developed over the years by identifying and exploiting of opportunities created by changes of the market, and developing state-of-the-art solutions for the customer needs.

We combine strong know-how of business management and development of the B2B industrial services, as well as information processing solutions for Energy sector. Enclosed are the keywords related to our various competence areas.

We serve comprehensively in management and development issues related to B2B-industrial services businesses. In addition, we have a strong expertise in energy management and energy market services, information systems, IoT and smart metering solutions. On top of that, we have broad knowledge of state-of-the-art solutions for efficient energy data processing. Energy efficiency and demand response solutions, and decentralized renewables energy production, such as solar and wind power solutions, energy data management, and energy market solutions are growing areas in our offering.

Our focus areas